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Knanaya Catholic Youth League of Germany (KCYL Germany) aka GKCYL is an undertaking of the Archdiocese of Kottayam as part of the Youth Mission for the Knanaya Catholic youth residing in Germany. The KCYL Germany aims to promote the spiritual, social, and cultural welfare of its members and the Knanaya Catholic community as a whole. It provides opportunities for young people to deepen their faith through prayer, worship, and religious education, as well as to engage in social activities and community service projects. The organisation sponsors a variety of sociocultural programs and events throughout the year across various cities of Germany. The GKCYL has been formed on 02 June 2019 at Berlin, Germany with the advice and guidance of the Metropolitan Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakattu and Auxiliary Bishop Mar Joseph Pandarasseril of the Archdiocese of Kottayam, Kerala, India. 

Genesis of KCYL Germany 

As the saying goes "From Humble Beginnings Comes Great Things", KCYL Germany (aka GKCYL) had a very humble beginning, and emerged from the passion of the Knanaya youngsters to connect with fellow mates in Germany. Under the direction of Auxiliary Bishop Mar Joseph Pandarasseril of the Archdiocese of Kottayam, Mr. Jois Mavelil have taken the initiative to bring together the Knanaya Youth in Germany and Ajeesh Jaimon Joseph was helpful in connecting youth in Germany. A whatsApp group was created by Nidhish Thomas on 16th March 2018 as a result of various discussions, and people belonging to the Knanaya Community residing in Germany were gradually added to the group. Metropolitan Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakattu and Auxiliary Bishop Mar Joseph Pandarasseril of the Archdiocese of Kottayam were fully supportive of the initiative and provided continuous advice and guidance. The Archdiocese of Kottayam has also appointed Fr.Binoy Thomas Koottanal as the Spiritual Advisor for the upcoming GKCYL. On 16th March 2019, a meeting was held under the leadership of Mr. Jois Mavelil in regards to the formation of KCYL Germany at Berlin. Members from various parts of Germany participated in the meeting. A six member committee consisting of Ajeesh Jaimon Joseph, Nidhish Thomas, Jonas Chacko Chirayil , Bibin Peter, Donia Jose and Anju were selected to facilitate the inaugural event of the GKCYL. It was decided to hold the inaugural meeting in Berlin on the 2nd of June under the leadership of Fr.Binoy Thomas Koottanal. 

The long awaited dream of the Knanaya Youth finally came true. KCYL Germany was officially formed and inaugurated on 02 June 2019 at Sankara Restaurant, Berlin, Germany under the leadership of Fr.Binoy Thomas Koottanal. The first executive committee of KCYL Germany was elected during the event and they are as follows, President - Nidhish Thomas, Vice President - Sudheesh Kaniyamparampil, Secretary - Bibin Peter, Joint Secretary - Asha Alex, Treasure - Jonas Chacko Chirayil, Executive Members - Bony Simon Ezharath, Ajeesh Jaimon, Amita K Abraham. Mr. Jois Mavelil was appointed as the director of KCYL Germany.

Some of the elected executives were unable to continue in as the executives due to personal circumstances or migrating out of Germany, a new executive committee has been formed to guide the forward operations of KCYL Germany. The new executive committee is as follows President - Nidhish Thomas, Vice President - Nijo Johny Pandarasseril, Secretary - Joseme Jose, Joint Secretary - Asha Alex, Treasure - Jonas Chacko Chirayil, Executive Members - Bony Simon Ezharath, Miralda Theresa Thomas, Sijo Sabu, Sister Advisor - Sr. Jomy SJC. For the further functioning of the organisation Ms.Chinju Anna Poovathel was appointed as a Director in addition to Mr. Jois Mavelil on 03 May 2020. Later during the term, Jonas Chacko Chirayil who was the treasurer has resigned and moved to United States. Bony Simon Ezharath who was the executive member has been appointed as the new treasurer of the GKCYL. With the collective efforts of executive committee and with the support of its members, GKCYL was able develop into a successful organisation with hundreds of members across various cities of Germany.  The GKCYL WhatsApp also included newly married couples, families, Priests, Sisters etc who belong to Knanaya Community in Germany. Even though GKCYL was an exclusive platform for youth, they also supported families as well as others who were outside the scope of GKCYL membership. On 17 April 2021, GKCYL have established an organisation called German Knanaya Catholic Fellowship (aka GKCF)  for all Knanaya Catholics in Germany. In the history of Knanaya Catholic Organisations, it is the first time a KCYL paving path to the establishment of an organisation based on the concept of Diaspora Knanaya Catholic Congress ( DKCC ) . Establishing any organisation from the scratch is a challenging task and the efforts required is enormous. We must remember everyone who paved the path of GKCYL for the future generations.


KCYL Germany (Knanaya Catholic Youth League of Germany) is a Catholic lay Organisation for the Knanaya Catholic Youth residing in Federal Republic of Germany.

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